About Us

Harmony Shreve – Lead Teacher

Harmony Shreve founded Daisy Day Care in 2003. She has been a Child Care Provider for 24+ years and has loved every minute of it. Harmony began her career in childcare at Hippity Hop Learning Center in Reno Nevada. She was the lead teacher of a large two year old class. In 2003 she began a licensed home daycare and has been in operation in several areas in Reno Nevada. She is currently providing services as head teacher in the beautiful Lake Tahoe Basin of Incline Village. Harmony is consistently continuing her education and takes at least 3 credits of early childhood education every semester.


Lead Teacher Dean and Wyatt Shreve- Assistance teacher

Dean and Wyatt are attending college at LTCC and working in the playroom part time. Both have grown up at Daisy Day Care and know just what to do to keep our playroom running smoothly. With their experience cooking for the Chateau we  are grateful to enjoy the many yummy meals they prepare. Both are also lifeguard certified and taking 3 credits of ECE this semester. 

What is Nature-Based Education?

Recognizing both the benefits of nature to education, and the benefits of education to nature, our program uses nature and natural elements to enhance the curriculum and promote environmental stewardship. Yearly we will plant a garden  and  put up a forest and bear safe bird feeder, for example, to offer more opportunities for children to experience nature as a part of the program.
Our nature-based early childhood education program takes an immersive approach, putting nature at the heart of our program. In our nature-based early education program, Lake Tahoe is our setting for this program and growing nature is the object of study. In addition, the care and protection of nature and the environment is a key outcome of our program, along with healthy child development. .

At Daisy Day Care…

We are committed to providing children ages 0-5 years with a high quality learning program and exceptional care in an environment designed to foster individual growth and development while instilling a love and respect of self and others. We truly love having the privilege of helping little ones learn and grow. Living in the Sierras doing what we love is the greatest blessing and now we can share that with you!

Learning, curiosity, and motivation are natural and ongoing processes in children’s growth. We encourage children to be aware of the environment and appreciate the things around them.

Our home is designed to provide both a nurturing home atmosphere along with large dedicated areas for active learning and play. A stimulating environment with spacious rooms rich in color giving each child an exciting world full of opportunities to explore, learn, and grow. We believe in play based learning.

Free Play.                       

We believe in Free Play because…    

  • Children are competent beings.
  • Children begin building connections and passions when they are very young.
  • Children deserve play environments that connect them deeply with nature.
  • Children require frequent opportunities to play freely in order to develop in healthy ways.
  • Children seek out and benefit from environments that al
    low them to explore risk in appropriate ways.
  • Children have an affinity for natural materials over plastics and materials of technology.

We believe that by supporting free play in nature we are nurturing the next generation of environmental stewards.

DDC Works to create spaces for free play in the outdoors so that every child in our care has a place in nature where they feel free, safe, healthy, empowered and joyful. 

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